Ø 中古—Keysight/Agilent N5244A PNA-X 微波網路分析儀,43.5 GHz

Ø 促銷價格:? /台


品牌: Keysight /Agilent

類別: 網路分析儀

物品新舊: 中古

庫存數量: 請聯繫敝司業務查詢是否仍有存貨并提供最新報價,謝謝!





  • 實現無與倫比的量測與設計
  • 可取代機架安裝式和堆疊式設備,大幅簡化測試工作站配置
  • 業界功能最齊、最靈活的單次連接微波測試引擎,可增進工作效率
  • 使用全球最完整的單次連接量測應用軟體縮短測試時間
  • 使用全球性能最頂尖的 PNA-X 對線性和非線性元件進行特性分析


N5244A-200 2 ports, single source
N5244A-400 4 ports, dual source
N5244A-010 Time-domain measurements
N5244A-080 Frequency offset measurements
N5244A-082 Scalar calibrated converter measurements
N5244A-083 Vector and scalar calibrated converter measurements
N5244A-084 Embedded LO measurements
N5244A-086 Gain compression measurements
N5244A-087 Intermodulation distortion measurements
N5244A-118 Fast CW mode
N5244A-460 Integrated true-mode stimulus application
N5244A-510 Nonlinear component characterization, full frequency range
N5244A-514 Nonlinear x-parameters
N5244A-518 Nonlinear pulse envelope domain
N5244A-551 N-port calibrated measurements
N5244A-520 Arbitrary load impedance X-parameters
N5244A-028 Noise figure measurements using standard receivers
N5244A-008 Pulsed-RF Measurements
N5244A-088 Source phase control
N5244A-089 Differential and I/Q devices application
N5244A-007 Automatic Fixture Removal
N5244A-015 Dynamic Uncertainty for S-Parameter Measurements
N5244A-090 Spectrum Analyzer
N5244A-093 Extended Spectrum Analyzer to 110 GHz
N5244A-094 Extended Spectrum Analyzer above 110 GHz
N5244A-110 Active Hot Parameters
N5244A-219 Add extended power range and bias-tees to 2 port analyzer
N5244A-224 Add internal second source, combiner and mechanical switches to 2-port analyzer
N5244A-419 Add extended power range and bias-tees to 4 port analyzer
N5244A-423 Add internal combiner and mechanical switches to 4-port analyzer
N5244A-020 Add IF inputs
N5244A-021 Add pulse modulator to internal first source
N5244A-022 Add pulse modulator to internal second source
N5244A-025 Add four internal pulse generators
N5244A-029 Fully-Corrected Noise-Figure Measurements to 50 GHz

Keysight/Agilent N5244A

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