N7744A Optical Multiport Power Meter

1 µs minimum averaging time
Four InGaAs sensor ports with 1250 to 1650 nm wavelength range
Dynamic range up to 65dB in swept and logging applications without ranging
Power uncertainty of ±2.5 %
Low polarization dependence of <±0.01 dB
Keysight's popular N7744A optical power meters with four power-sensor channels provide increased throughput and operational efficiency to meet today's challenges in manufacturing. Designed for characterizing optical multiport components, these optical power meters offer industry-leading solutions for device connectivity, high-speed measurement data acquisition and fast data transfer for post-processing. The multiport power meter enables fast measurement solutions for all multiport devices; for example multiplexers, PON splitters, wavelength selective switches (WSS) and ROADMs, as well as compact setups for simultaneous testing of multiple single-port devices.

The N7744A power meter achieve a level of spac

Keysight/Agilent N7744A

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