PAK-A Series - 1000W Type - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage60.0V
Number of OutputsSingle
Max. Current160.00A

Extra Specifications
Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

Product Description

The PAK-A Series power supplies are variable output, switching power supplies that feature excellent electrical characteristics as well as unmatched reliability. This Series offers a wide range of variation with 3 types of voltage.

PAK-A Series 1000W Type Lineup:

PAK6-160A 0 to 6V/0 to 160A
PAK35-30A 0 to 35V/0 to 30A
PAK60-18A 0 to 60V/0 to 18A
Discontinued PAK-A Series 1000W Type models:

This Series is designed particularly with the concepts of compact size and light weight plus high reliability, and is portable with an improved space factor making them suitable for system mounting. Naturally, these power supplies have a high level of general-purpose applicability on abundant applications, such as computer control, or a s

Kikusui PAK-A Series - 1000W Type

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