PBX Series - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage40.0V
Number of OutputsSingle
Max. Current20.00A

Extra Specifications
Programmable Bipolar DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

Product Description

The PBX Series of DC power supplies uses polarity to toggle between positive and negative continuously by passing zeroes in succession without the need to change output terminals.

PBX Series Lineup:

PBX20-5 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 5A
PBX20-10 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 10A
PBX20-20 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 20A
PBX40-2.5 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 2.5A
PBX40-5 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 5A
PBX40-10 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 10A
The use of a power amplification system results in low ripple noise levels and highly stable operation while at the same time allowing the power supplies to operate at high speed. Supporting "four quadrant operation" whereby they can both supply power (source operation) and sink voltage and current (sink operation), this series is suited to driving inductive and capacitive loads. A

Kikusui PBX Series

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