PVD-T Series - 12kW Type - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage600.0V
Number of OutputsMultiple
Max. Current1.20kA

Extra Specifications
Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply(CV/CC)

Product Description

The PVD-T Series power supplies are variable-output switching DC power supplies, with wide-range constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) outputs that enable the setting of a constant power output.
The PVD-T series power supplies are available in 6 kW/12 kW versions, all of which are 19-inch rack-mountable and approximately 130 mm/260 mm in height. In addition to their excellent space factors, the PVD-T series offerd not only the advantages of a switching system and the output quality of a series regulator, but also implements a large reduction in running costs (power consumption) - traditionally  a problem with large capacity DC power supplies.

PVD-T Series - 12kW Type Lineup:

PVD10-1200T 0 to 10V / 0 to 1200A, AC 3 Phase input

Kikusui PVD-T Series - 12kW Type

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