Rohde and Schwarz AFQ100A
I/Q Modulation Generator AFQ100A

Digital communications systems are rapidly evolving today, calling for test equipment that can meet the new challenges they present. An important component of such test equipment is a flexible baseband source that allows development and production tests to be performed on state-of-theart receivers for a variety of standards. A self-contained baseband source must fulfill a wide range of signal requirements. Plus, it needs variable digital and analog outputs in order to directly operate the DUT. Used as a modulation source for vector signal generators, the R&S® AFQ100A provides I/Q signals that offer all the sophistication of modern communications standards for generating the required RF signal. Featuring a maximum clock rate of 300 MHz and a waveform memory of up to 1 Gsample, the new R&S® AFQ100A generator provides unprecedented functionality and offers precisely the flexibility that is required. It allows long

Rohde & Schwarz AFQ100A

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