Ø 中古—Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester

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品牌: Rohde & Schwarz

類別: 測試儀

物品新舊: 中古

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R&S®CMW500 - Production Test

Wideband Radio Communication Tester.

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Key Facts

· Base model: general-purpose RF power meter and CW generator with list modes for fast calibration of wireless devices

· Vector signal analyzer (VSA) for transmitter verification with MELM (Multi Evaluation List Mode) for fast verification of wireless devices

Brief Description

The R&S®CMW500 - Production Test is a compact solution for fast and precise production testing of current and future wireless devices from basic mobile phones to the most sophisticated PDAs.


· Just one 19" box for all technologies

· Just one scalable hardware

· Drastically reduced test costs; alignment up to ten times faster

· Optimized handling for production test systems

Supported Technologies




· CDMA2000®





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Rohde & Schwarz CMW500

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