Ø 中古—Rohde & Schwarz ESCI7 EMI Test Receiver 9 kHz - 7 GHz

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品牌: Rohde & Schwarz/R&S

類別: 接收器

描述: Receiver

物品新舊: 中古

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R&S®ESCI EMI Test Receiver

For compliance tests meeting all civil standards from 9 kHz to 3/7 GHz

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Key Facts

· Combination of standard-compliant EMI test receiver and high-quality spectrum analyzer

· Integrated preselection with selectable 20 dB preamplifier


Brief Description

The R&S®ESCI and R&S®ESCI7 EMI test receivers are standard-compliant measuring receivers for EMC certification measurements in commercial standards in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 3/7 GHz.



· Standard-compliant disturbance measurements

· Spectrum analysis for lab applications

· Intuitive operation and powerful EMI analysis functions for fast, accurate results

  • Options
B20 Extended environment spec for ESCI (random vibration 1.9G RMS 0 - 55 °C) not retrofittable,
EMC32-EB EMI measurement software; basic version for commercial and military standards; hardlock protection
EMC32-K10 Option EMI Auto Test for EMC32-EB
EMC32-K11 Sequencer for EMC measurements
EMC32-MEB Multi user license for EMI measurement software R&S EMC32-EB; hardlock protecti includes one more software license;
ES-SCAN EMI Test Software for EMI Test Receiver R&S® ESPI,R&S® ESCI and Analyzer R&S® FS R&S® FSL; requires VISA software
ESCI-B20 Extended environment spec for ESCI (random vibration 1.9G RMS 0 - 55 °C) not retrofittable,
ESCI7 EMI test receiver, 9kHz to 7GHz, for certification measurements to commercial standards,
FS-K3 Software for noise figure and gain measurement with ESIB,FSIQ, FSE(+B15),FSP,FSU,FSQ,ESPI,ESCI
FS-K7 FM demodulator, allows measurement of FM specific parameters (for FMU, FSP, FSU)
FSP-B1 Rugged case with variable carrying handle for all FSP models
FSP-B10 External generator control for FSP, FSU, FSG, FSQ, ESU, ESCI, ESPI and for retrofit of
FSP-B16 LAN interface 10/100 base T for FSP 1164.4391.XX and ESPI 1164.6407.XX
FSP-B30 DC power supply 12 - 28 V for FSP spectrum analyzer and ESPI test receiver
FSP-B31 NiMH battery pack + charger for FSP and ESPI requires FSP-B1 and FSP-B30
FSP-B32 Spare battery pack (NiMH) for FSP spectrum analyzer and ESPI test receiver
FSP-B4 OCXO 10 MHz for FSP
FSP-B6 TV trigger and adjustable RF power trigger (40 dB) for FSP
FSP-B9 Tracking generator for FSP 9 kHz - 3 GHz, I/Q modulator

Rohde & Schwarz ESCI7

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