Rohde and Schwarz FMAV
Modulation Analyzer, 50 kHz to 1360 MHz

The Rohde FMAV is a Modulation Analyzer, 50 kHz to 1360 MHz.
Performance Characteristics
Form Factor Benchtop
Integral Signal Source No
Sweep Modes No
Maximum Output Voltage 200 mV
Output Impedance 600 Ohm
No. of Receiver Channels 1 ch
Minimum Frequency 50 kHz
Maximum Frequency 1360 MHz
Maximum Input Voltage 25 V(dc+p)
Signal-to-noise ratio & distortion ratio No
RF Power measurement
FM measurement
AM measurement
AF voltmeter
VOR/ILS measurements
Extremely lo phase noise
User Interface Proprietary
Ports to Peripheral Devices IEEE488
Test Pattern Storage 20 Patterns
App Notes
AF Analysis with Modulation Analyzer FMA
CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant
Power Requirements
Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)

Rohde & Schwarz FMAV

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