Rohde & Schwarz NAS

Directional Power Meter
The Rohde & Schwarz NAS is a used Directional Power Meter.

With its frequency range from 1 MHz to 2000 MHz, the Rohde & Schwarz NAS covers practically all RT bands ? from shortwaves to the frequencies of digital radio networks. Six insertion units are available for covering the whole range. 
Ideal for measuring power and SWR of all kinds of radio equipment

Insertion units suitable for all fields of mobile radio as well as for powers up to 1200 W

Special insertion units for the digital radio networks to GSM standard

Simultaneous display of forward and reflected power or of forward power and SWR

Simple operation

Other features: selftest, autocalibration, autoranging, battery operation, automatic switchoff

Rohde & Schwarz NAS

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