Rohde and Schwarz NGPT35
DC Power Supply, (2) 35 V/1 A, 70 W; 7 V/5 A, 35 W; Triple Output, Programmable

For module testing, NGPT35 provides the possibility of varying the output
voltage of all three channels simultaneously in percent. After selection of the
channels to be included in this operating mode, the desired variation can
either be set via the numeric keypad or in steps of 0.1, 1 or 10% using the
increment/decrement keys.

Insensitive to RF voltages radiated by device under test or nearby antenna
Very low PARD (periodic and random deviation) due to linear regulation
14 bit resolution
Precise and stable over wide temperature range
Simultaneous readout of nominal and actual values of all channels
Output voltage of all channels simultaneously variable by a percentage value
Nonvolatile storage of up to six complete setups
Software calibration via IEC/IEEE bus without potentiometer adjustment
Coupled protection mode for DUTs which should not be supplied from an asym

Rohde & Schwarz NGPT35

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