Rohde & Schwarz NRP

Microwave Power Meter
The Rohde & Schwarz NRP is one of our used Microwave Power Meters.

No matter whether you work in the lab or in production – the Microwave Power Meter R&S NRP is always the right choice.

The versatility of the novel Power Meter Series R&S NRP is due to the newly developed sensors.

These sensors are intelligent standalone instruments that communicate with the basic unit or a PC via a digital interface.

The SMART SENSOR TECHNOLOGYTMnow implemented for the first time, sets new standards in terms of universality and accuracy.


Dynamic range up to 90 dB (sensor dependent)
Level range -67 dBm ... +45 dBm (sensor dependent)
Measurement speed: 1500 measurements per second in the buffered mode
Linearity uncertainty 1.5 % (20 to 25°C, f = 100 MHz to 4 GHz)
Precise average power measurements irrespective of modulation type and bandwidth
Up to 4 power sensors on one R&S NRP base unit simultaneously
Flexible measurements on up to 128 time slots

Rohde & Schwarz NRP

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