Rohde & Schwarz PTW60

Bluetooth® Protocol Tester
The Rohde & Schwarz PTW60 is one of our refurbished Bluetooth® Protocol Testers.

The Rohde & Schwarz PTW60 offers professional and comprehensive protocol test and analysis functions.

It is ideal for use in the development and qualification testing of Bluetooth products. Equipped with programming interfaces, this tester is even suitable for developing new protocols.

Rohde & Schwarz, unlike most of its competitors, has adopted the strategy of developing protocol layers and the technology-dependent hardware completely on its own.

This allows the simulation of protocol errors at all layers, which enables an IUT's error tolerance and robustness to be determined for example.

Rohde & Schwarz PTW60 Features:

Reference implementation of baseband, LM, L2CAP in master and slave mode
Simulation of a Bluetooth pico-network
Automatic generation of executable test cases from official test vectors issued in TTCN by Bluetooth Special Interest

Rohde & Schwarz PTW60

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