Rohde and Schwarz Q8480

For measuring chromatic dispersion maps of optical fibers Capable of measuring chromatic dispersion over length with a near-end measurement Dispersion distribution measurement accuracy: ±4.5% or less* Total dispersion measurement accuracy: ±4.5% or less* Maximum measurable fiber length: 40 km (@SMF) Spacial resolution: Minimum 150 m Dead zone: Minimum 100 m Measurable wavelength range: 1530.5 to 1559.5 nm Setting wavelength resolution: 0.1nm The instrument consists of 2 mainframes, incorporates a PC platform Windows 98 with a 10,4 inch VGA LCD display with touch screen operation, floppy disc and a 8 GB harddisc. The optical input has a FC-APC connector.

Rohde & Schwarz Q8480

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