Rohde and Schwarz SFE100
Single-Standard Test Transmitter

The R&S® SFE100 is a single-standard test transmitter with realtime coding for broadcast signals. R&S® SFE100 models are available for all common TV standards and a number of sound broadcasting standards.

The R&S® SFE100 is a compact and reliable instrument that can be equipped with a power amplifier unique in this class, making it particularly valuable in production test systems. Plus, it can be used as a simple and economical signal generator as well as for special applications as a second RF channel for the R&S® SFU.

Every R&S® SFE100 model can be equipped with the appropriate digital or analog baseband signal source with which test signals from Rohde & Schwarz libraries or customer-specific test signals can be replayed. The R&S® SFE100 thus combines two functions in one box, thereby significantly simplifying complex production test systems.

The R&S® SFE100 model with an arbitrary waveform generator enables

Rohde & Schwarz SFE100

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