Rohde & Schwarz SFQ

TV Test Transmitter
The Rohde & Schwarz SFQ is a used TV Test Transmitter. 

The Rohde & Schwarz TV Test Transmitter, SFQ is a complete solution for testing digital TV links and receivers. The open-end software and modular hardware make the, Rohde & Schwarz SFQ future-proof. The standards for DVB-T, DVB-S/DVB-DSNG, DVB-C, J.83-B, ATSC/8VSB and ISDB-T are fully complied with. Owing to its adaptability to future system changes, the, Rohde & Schwarz SFQ is a useful and rewarding investment for your launch onto the digital TV market.
SFQ Digital signals for antenna, satellite and cable
Wide output frequency range from 0.3 MHz to 3300 MHz
Large output level range for transmission, receiver and module measurements
Standard DVB, DTV signals and FM satellite signals
Several standards in one unit
Flexible input interfaces
– ASI, SPI, SMPTE310 Output and input for I/Q signals
Internal noise generator for highprecision C/N settings
Internal BER measurement facility for a

Rohde & Schwarz SFQ

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