Rohde & Schwarz SGMF

TV Generator
The Rohde & Schwarz SGMF is a used TV Generator.

The Rohde & Schwarz SGMF, TV Generator, that produces NTSC baseband signals of studio quality complying with the stringent requirements of the RS-170 A standard as regards SC/H phase, burst timing reference and burst width. It is possible to insert the NTSC identification pulse into the first field of the NTSC sequence.  
Over 30 video signals are avail-able:

General-purpose test pattern with optional source identifica-tion as well as different, com-bined test signals for adjusting convergence, brightness and colour during monitor setup
NTC7 and FCC test signals
Crosshatch-and-dot pattern
Signals for measuring ampli-tude and group delay responses (multiburst, multipulse, H sweep, sin x/x)
Squarewave signals (bounce, 60 Hz, 15 kHz, 250 kHz, pulse-and-bar signal)
Ramp and staircase signals
Colour bar signal and red field
Special signals (pluge, coring, VIRS, eye test) and black burst

Rohde & Schwarz SGMF

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