Rohde & Schwarz SUF2

50 MHz Noise Generator
The Rohde & Schwarz SUF2 is one of our refurbished 50MHz Noise Generators.

Rohde & Schwarz SUF2 Features:

20Hz to 50MHz
White noise: 20Hz to 110kHz/6MHz/50MHz
Pink Noise: 20Hz to 16kHz, spectral components decreasing by 3 dB/octave
Triangular noise: 20Hz to 6MHz
The SUF2 delivers a noise spectrum with a constant mean energy content which is uniformly distributed over all frequencies. A variety of options permits it to be easily adapted for virtually all applications in audio and video noise-voltage and distortion measurements (including digital systems). It can also be remote-controlled for use in automatic test systems.

Rohde & Schwarz SUF2

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