Rohde and Schwarz VCA
VCA Digital Video Component Analyzer

To standards ITU-R601/656, SMPTE125M/259M, 8 bits, 10 bits, 625/525 lines
Waveform display
Numeric output of video data
Analysis of data frame/contents
Timing and level measurements
Hardcopy of screen via external printer
DTL analysis (optional)
Remote control (optional)

The Rohde & Schwarz VCA, Digital Video Component Analyzer, that is designed to solve measurement problems in the digital studio, in operation and servicing as well as in the development of digital studio equipment. 

Combining the characteristics of a waveform monitor and an analyzer and including all conventional display modes, the VCA is suitable for a great variety of measurements and so makes working with digital video signals easy. An optional remote control unit permits the VCA to be readily integrated into large measuring systems for comprehensive monitoring in the studio.

Rohde & Schwarz VCA

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