Ø 中古—Rohde & Schwarz ZVT8 Vector Network Analyzer

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品牌: Rohde & Schwarz

類別: 網路分析儀

物品新舊: 中古

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R&S®ZVT Vector Network Analyzers

Frequency ranges from 300 kHz to 20 GHz, with two up to eight test ports.

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Key Facts

· Multiport measurements, avoiding any time loss due to matrix control

· True differential measurements and coherent signal generation

Brief Description

The R&S®ZVT8/R&S®ZVT20 from Rohde & Schwarzis the first true eight-port/six-port vector network analyzer with a frequency range from 300 kHz to 8 GHz/10 MHz to 20 GHz.


· Extremely fast and accurate measurements on multiport DUTs

· Measurements on balanced DUTs


Number of test ports

2 to 8 (R&S®ZVT8)
2 to 6 (R&S

Frequency range

300 kHz to 8 GHz (R&S®ZVT8)
10 MHz to 20 GHz (R&S



Rohde & Schwarz ZVT8

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