L Series - 90-375 Watt - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage300.0V
Number of OutputsTriple
Max. Current30.00A

Extra Specifications
Benchtop Linear Power Supplies

Product Description

The L Series is a family of linear DC power supplies designed for benchtop and portable applications. The family comprises fourteen models; outputs range from 0-8V to 0-300V at power levels from 90W to 375W.

LH 8-30
LM 18-10
LS 18-5
LT 18-5
LH 18-20
LS 30-3
LT 30-3
LM 30-6
LH 35-10
LM 60-3
LH 60-6
LH 75-5
LH 110-3
LH 300-1
The supplies may be used as either voltage sources or current sources. Features such as isolated outputs, series/parallel operation, and tracking operation provide the flexibility for a variety of applications.

Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation - The power supplies may be operated as either precisely regulated voltage sources or current sources. Crossover between modes is automatic, dependent only on load demand. Front panel LEDs indicate o

Sorensen L Series - 90-375 Watt

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