XPH Series - 175 to 420W - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage75.0V
Number of OutputsTriple
Max. Current10.00A

Extra Specifications
Compact high power bench DC power supplies

Product Description

The economical XPH features mixed-mode regulation and single, dual, and triple isolated outputs in power levels up to 420 watts. The XPH Series includes the following models:

XPH 35-5
XPH 18-10
XPH 35-4D
XPH 35-4T
XPH 42-10
XPH 75-2D
The Sorensen XPH Series provides 175 to 420 watts of DC power. The XPH is a compact, high performance low cost power supply suited for benchtop applications.

The XPH Series uses combined switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation to provide performance comparable with an all linear design. The XPH features excellent line and load regulation with low noise and good transient response. The XPH Series is available in a single, dual and triple output for benchtop use.

The XPH dual output models have two independent an

Sorensen XPH Series - 175 to 420W

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