Tektronix 11403A

3GHz Digital Oscilloscope
The Tektronix 11403A is one of our refurbished 3GHz, Digital Oscilloscopes.

Tektronix 11403A Features:

1GHz Bandwidth
2GHz Trigger Bandwidth
10-Bit Vertical Resolution, 14-Bits wit Averaging
Sampling rate: up to 20MS/s
Recording length: 512 to 10240 points
Acquire up to Six Channels at 1GHz Concurrently
Deskew Nulls out Channel Timing Differences - including Probes
Internal Calibration capability for a Vertical Error of 1% or Less
Bandwidth and Number of Channels Are Based on Amplifiers Selected
Operating Mode and Amplifiers Selected Determine Number of Channels that Can Be Acquired

Tektronix 11403A

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