Tektronix 11801C

50 GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
The Tektronix 11801C is one of our refurbished Digital Sampling Oscilloscope mainframes with a potential 50 GHz bandwidth.

Tektronix 11801C Features:

DC To 50-Ghz Bandwidth
7-ps Rise Time
Eight Channels, Expandable to 136 (with SM-11 multichannel units)
High Resolution and Measurement Repeatability
10-Femtosecond Sampling Interval (0.01 ps)
Modular Architecture
Dual-Timebase Allows Multiple Windows
Predefined Telecom Masks
True Dual-Step Differential TDR
Fully Automatic Jitter and Noise Measurements
Automatic Statistical Measurements, Histograms, and Mask Testing
Automatic Pulse Measurements with Statistics
Comprehensive Waveform Processing
Complete Programmability for ATE Applications
Color Display with Color Grading

Tektronix 11801C

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