Tektronix 11A71

1GHz Amplifier Plug-In
The Tektronix 11A71 is one of our refurbished 1GHz Amplifier Plug-Ins.

Tektronix 11A71 Features:

The Tektronix 11A71 is a used Single Channel Vertical Amplifier that provides 1GHz bandwidth when used in the 11402 Digitizing Mainframe (not included) and 500MHz bandwidth when used in the 11401 Digitizing Mainframe (not included) or the 11302 Analog Mainframe (not included).
It is a single trace unit, with 10 mV to 1 V/Div calibrated deflection factors, plus or minus 10 Div offset and 50 ohm input impedance.

Tektronix 11A71

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