Tektronix 1410

NTSC Generator Mainframe
The Tektronix 1410 is one of our refurbished NTSC Mainframes.

Tektronix 1410 Features:

The Tektronix 1410 NTSC Mainframe generates chrominance subcarrier at 3.579545MHz ±10Hz. Each ±1Hz color standard has a proportional control oven for the oscillator circuit. A front-panel lamp indicates proper operation of the oven. This instrument comes with one SPG2 sync pulse generator (other plug-ins sold separately).

The SPG2 has an output amplitude of 2 Vp-p into 75-ohms, & composite video amplitude of 1 V into 75-ohms. It uses either internally generated or externally supplied subcarrier for color standard reference. Subcarrier source is front panel selectable. The SPG2 comes with two external synchronization modes, external reference & Genlock. The input requirements for the sync source is 1 V nominal composite video or black burst, sync negative with sync amplitude of 286 mV ±6 dB & burst amplitude of 286 mV ±12 dB.

Tektronix 1410

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