Tektronix 1502

Portable TDR Cable Tester
The Tektronix 1502 is a used Portable TDR Cable Tester.

Using the proven Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technique, the Tektronix 1502 Portable TDR Cable Tester easily locates faults in coax and other cable types. Calibrated in reflection coefficient (rho) and distance means no cumbersome and time consuming calculations are needed to produce quality results…right from the start! And training an unskilled operator is no problem thanks to simple connections, logically designed front-panel, and an easy-to-understand display. Utilizing an internal step-pulse, the Tektronix 1502 provides a fault resolution to 0.6 inch on short cables and performs to a maximum of 2000 feet (resolution decreases as distance increases). Matched to 50-ohm cables, but may be used on others by adjusting the front-panel GAIN control. Easy to carry and to operate in tight spaces, this unit is completely self contained, lightweight, and operates from AC or battery powe

Tektronix 1502

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