Tektronix 1503C

Portable MTDR Cable Tester
The Tektronix 1503C is one of our refurbished Portable MTDR Cable Testers.

Tektronix 1503C Features:

Distance to faults
Cable Propagation velocity
Loss and load mismatch
Quantification of damage from opens, shorts, frays, crimps and water
Faulty taps and unterminated lines in LAN and CATV environments
Stripline and Cable Impedance
Characterizing LAN installation
The Tektronix 1503C MTDR generates high-energy, 1/2-sine shaped pulses for testing long cable
runs. The Tektronix 1503C has 2, 10, 100 and 1000 nanosecond pulse widths.Use of the 2 ns pulse width permits determination of multiple faults as close together as one foot.&Cable impedances of 50, 75, 93, and 125 ohms are selectable at the front panel.The 1503C is input protected to 400 volts.

The unit has a range of up to 50,000 feet and is the best metallic TDR for general purpose applications.

The 1503C Metallic Cable Time Domain Reflectometer is a cable test instrument that uses

Tektronix 1503C

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