Tektronix 2230

100 MHz, Digital Oscilloscope
The Tektronix 2230 is one of our refurbished Digital Oscilloscope that has 2 Channels and a bandwidth of 100 MHz.

The Tektronix 2230 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a combination non-storage and digital storage dual-channel 100 MHz bandwidth instrument. It is a rugged, lightweight oscilloscope featuring microprocessor operation and alphanumeric CRT readout of many of the front panel controls.

In the digital storage mode, up to three waveform sets (CH 1 and/or CH 2) may be stored in a save ref. memory and recalled for display at a later time. The digital storage sampling rate is 20 megasamples per second maximum, and the acquired record length is 4 k samples (1 k may also be selected) for a single channel or 2 k samples for dual-channel (Chop or Alt) displays.

Tektronix 2230 Features:

Dual channel
100 mhz scope with digital storage
Sampling rate 100 data words / horizontal div. (max. 20 ms/s)
100 ns glitch capture
4k record length

Tektronix 2230

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