Tektronix 2712

9 kHz to 1.8 GHz, Spectrum Analyzer
The Tektronix 2712 is one of our refurbished 9 kHz to 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzers.

Tektronix 2712 Features:

High Value, Low Cost
5 x 10-7 Frequency Accuracy
Sensitivity to -139 dBm (-92 dBmV) with Built-in Preamp
Internal Frequency Counter
4 Trace Digital Plus True Analog Display
124 K of RAM
Easy to Use
Dedicated Numeric Keypad Plus Logically Grouped Menu Keys
Powerful Built-in Measurement Routines
LEMC Measurements with Optional Quasi-peak Detector
Swept Measurements to 1.8 GHz with Optional Internal or External Tracking Generator
UL Listed 1244, Certified CSA C22.2 No. 231-M89

Broadcast Transmitter Performance
Communications System Operations
EMC Prequalification Testing
The Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer has a straightforward human interface, with conveniently grouped, dedicated front-panel keys and simple, menu-driven functions makes the Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer easy to learn and use. You can set fr

Tektronix 2712

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