Tektronix 2755

Spectrum Analyzer 50kHz - 325 Ghz The Tektronix 2755 is a benchtop instrument that combines cost-effective lab performance and ease of use, with a new dimension in spectrum analyzer processing intelligence. Packaged for enhanced engineering productivity, it reduces operator interface requirements and risk of human error. You'll make measurements faster and more accurately than ever ebfore. All with the high standard of Tektronix quality and reliability.


50KHz to 21 GHz coverage in Coax and to 325 GHz using Tek Waveguide MIxers
Marker and Center Frequency accuracy of 1 part in 10^5
Resolution filters 100 Hz to 1 MHz (6 dB bandwidth +-20%) in decade steps
Video filter range 0.3 Hz to 30 KHz
GPIB fully programmable
Direct plot capability

Tektronix 2755

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