Tektronix 370A

Curve Tracer
The Tektronix 370A is one of our refurbished Curve Tracers.

Tektronix 370A Features:

High Precision Measurements of Semiconductor Devices
Up to 2000 Volts or 10 Amp Sourcing
Up to 220 Watts
1 Nanoamp Measurement Resolution
Down to 2 Millivolt Measurement Resolution
Waveform Comparison
Envelope Display
Waveform Averaging
Dot Cursor
Kelvin Sense Measurements
Fully Programmable
3.5 Inch MS DOS Compatible Disk Storage to Save and Recall Setups
The Tektronix 370A Programmable Curve Tracer is a high-resolution curve tracer that takes high precision measurements of semiconductor devices in ranges of up to 2000 V or 10 amp sourcing, up to 200 watts, down to 1 nanoamp / 2 millivolt measurement resolution. It also has waveform comparison and averaging.

Tektronix 370A

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