Tektronix 80A03

Tekconnect Probe Interface Module
The Tektronix 80A03 is one of our refurbished Tekconnect Probe Interface Modules.

Tektronix 80A03 Features:

Interfaces Tektronix P7000 Series high-performance active and differential probes to TDS/CSA8000 series sampling scopes
Enables true-differential probing using the Tektronix P7350 and P7350SMA 5 GHz Differential Probes
Allows easy probing of SMDs with the small head design of P7000 Series probes and numerous adapters and accessories
Seamless integration
Automatically scales measurement for probe attenuation setting
Requires no user adjustments
Powered through the oscilloscope interface – requires no external power cord
Integrated extender cable plugs into any of the four electrical sampling module slots
Upgradeable to future higher-bandwidth active and differential probes

Communications (Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand)
Semiconductor Characterization & Validation (PCI-Express, Serial ATA, IEEE 13

Tektronix 80A03

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