Tektronix 80C08

Multi-Rate 10GBE Datacom Optical This Module uses an amplified optical to electrical converter to deliver the lowest noise level (2mW RMS typical) and the highest optical sensitivity (minus 13dBm) of any solution on the market today. 
As a result, the 80C08 delivers the sensitivity required for the lower power transmitters used in low cost 10GbE network elements. 
Equally important, the 80C08 uses dedicated per channel signal acquisition processing to speed test throughput. 
This reduces test time by up to five times or more, to support the growing demand for 10GbE elements. 

Lowest Noise Level: 2mW
Highest Optical Sensitivity: -13dBm
Wavelength Range: 700nm to 1650nm


CR1 Clock Recovery
119511600 Sc/Apc Adapter

Tektronix 80C08

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