Tektronix 80C08C

Optical Measurement Module
The Tektronix 80C08C is one of our refurbished Optical Measurement Modules.

Tektronix 80C08C Features:

Wavelength: 700 to1650 nm 
Datacom rate testing for 10GbE
Applications at 9.953, 10.3125, 11.0957 Gb/s
10G Fibre Channel applications at 10.51875 Gb/ss
Telecom rate testing at 9.953, 10.664, and10.709 Gb/s

High-speed Optical Communications Testing
Extinction Ratio and Q-factor Measurements
Eye-pattern and Pulse Shape Analysis
Relaxation Oscillation Testing
Optical Signal Analysis
Conformance Testing
NRZ and RZ Pulse Characterization
With its amplified O/E converter design, this module provides excellent signal-to-noise performance and high optical sensitivity, allowing users to examine low-power level optical signals. The Tektronix 80C08C can be optionally configured with clock recovery options that can support any standard or user defined rate in the continuous range from 9.8 to 12.6 Gb/s.

Tektronix 80C08C

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