Tektronix A6304XL

2 MHz, Oscilloscope Current Probe
The Tektronix A6304XL is one of our used Current Probes.

The Tektronix XL current probes add both convenience and expanded current measurement capability. The Tek XL probes are designed to operate with the AM503B and AM5030 Current Probe Amplifiers.

The XL (for extra long) probes have eight-meter cables, which allow you to reach test points on large devices such as heavy duty motors or automobiles. In addition, connecting to test points on transportation platforms such as trains, ships or aircraft is much easier with the XL probes.

The Tektronix A6304XL is rated for 500 A continuous (700 A peak). The Tek A6304XL has a bandwidth of DC to 2 MHz and is especially well suited for measurements on high-performance inverters, motor drives and other high current switch-mode control devices.

The eight meter cable makes it very easy to access test points on devices physically separated from your measurement instrument. 

8 M

Tektronix A6304XL

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