Tektronix A6312

100 MHz, Oscilloscope Current Probe
The Tektronix A6312 is one of our used Current Probes with a bandwidth to 100 MHz.

The A6312, A6302 and A6303 offer a wide range of current measurement capability for the lab and bench environment.

The Tek A6312 covers frequencies from DC to 100 MHz while the A6302 covers DC to 50 MHz. 

Both clip onto conductors up to 3.81 mm (0.15 in.) and measure continuous currents up to 20 A and peak currents up to 50 A as long as they do not exceed the amp*second product of 100 A*μs.
2 Meter Cable
20 Amps Continuous/50 Amps Peak
DC to 100 MHz
Up to 0.15 in. Conductor Diameter

Tektronix A6312

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