Tektronix AFG2020

Synthesized Arbitrary Function Generator
The Tektronix AFG2020 is a used Synthesized Arbitrary Function Generator.

Built-in high resolution monitor with GUI
Vertical Resolution: 12-Bit (1/4096)
Resolution Clock: 250 MHz, 1 ppm Accuracy, 0.5 Hz (10 digits)
16 separate arbitrary waveforms with 1K record lengths
Standard Waveforms:
Sinewave - 0.5 Hz to 100 MHz
Square wave - 0.5 Hz to 50 MHz
Triangle, ramp, and pulse - 0.5 Hz to 31.2 MHz
Internal AM, FM, PSK, and FSK modulation
External AM modulation
Built-in linear/log sweep
Built-in trigger delay (700 ns to 100 s)
Direct DSO waveform transfers without a controller
Second channel with fully independent execution (Option 02)

Tektronix AFG2020

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