Tektronix DA4084

The DA4084 Programmable Distortion Analyzer is equivalent to the AA5001, a complete Distortion Analyzer System that's fully automatic! Once the mode is selected, automatic set level, automatic tuning, automatic nulling of the fundamental, and autoranging of the display all combine to permit completely hands-off operation! These automated features greatly reduce testing time and human error while providing accurate, repeatable measurements. Measurements are displayed on a 3 1/2-digit, 2000 count LED display and an analog-like bar graph that simulates an analog meter. Designed to meet rugged military specifications, the DA4084 comes with its own dedicated power source (modified TM5003) and delivers much more than just quality distortion measurements. How about the ability to make automatic Level (volts or dBm), and dB Ratio measurements? It's all yours in this powerful analyzer, plus four built-in frequency-weighting filters that can be switched into the signal path f

Tektronix DA4084

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