Tektronix DSA71254

Bandwidth: 12.5 GHz Channels: 4 

4 Channel 12.5GHz Digital Serial Analyzer 
The DPO70000 and the DSA70000 Series are the new generation of real-time digital phosphor oscilloscopes and are the industry’s best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging and testing sophisticated electronic designs. The specialized DSA70000 Series provides a complete and dedicated solution to address the challenges of high-speed serial designs.

The family features exceptional performance in signal acquisition and analysis, operational simplicity and unmatched debugging tools to accelerate your dayto- day tasks. The largest screen in the industry and the intuitive user interface provide easy access to the maximum amount of information.

12.5 GHz Bandwidth 
Up to 50 GS/s Real-time Sample Rate 
Up to 200 Megasamples Record Length with MultiView Zoom Feature for Quick Navigation 
Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with

Tektronix DSA71254

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