Tektronix P6202A

OscilloscopeFET Probe
The Tektronix P6202A is one of our refurbished FET Probes.

Tektronix P6202A Features:

Attenuation: 10X/100x
Bandwidth at -3dB: 500MHz
DC Offset Range: ±55/200/V
System Input Resistance: 10 Mohms
Typical Input C: 2.0/2.0pF
Max Voltage: ±200 V
The Tektronix P6202A FET Probe is a low circuit loading active signal acquisition probe for 400 series, 2400 series, and 7000 series families of oscilloscopes. It provides a wide linear dynamic input range for accessing most digital device families using today's logic voltage levels.

Tektronix P6202A

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