Tektronix P8018

20 GHz, Single-Ended TDR Oscilloscope Probe
The Tektronix P8018 is one of our used Single-Ended TDR Probes, with 20 GHz bandwidth.

The P8018 Handheld TDR Probe is a greater than 20 GHz, 50 Ω input impedance, single-ended passive probe with a precision 20 GHz bandwidth SMA cable that provides a high performance solution for electrical sampling TDR circuit board impedance characterization and high-speed electrical signal analysis applications. The P8018 probe can be used as a stand alone high bandwidth probe, but it is specially designed with features to be used with the 80A02 EOS/ESD Protection Module for protecting the sampling bridge of Tektronix electrical sampling modules from damage due to electro-overstress (EOS) and electro static discharge (ESD) where large static charges can be stored in the DUT.
The P8018 provides a unique probe tip pressure actuating feature and control circuit which, used with the matching80A02 EOS/ESD Protection Module, enables a supe

Tektronix P8018

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