Tektronix PQA300

Picture Quality Analysis System

Introducing the PQA300... the industry's leading objective picture quality measurement tool based on the Emmy Award-winning PQA200 platform.

The PQA300 analyzes picture quality with repeatable, objective measurements that directly replicate subjective human visual assessments. These measurements provide invaluable information for engineers working to optimize video compression without compromising picture quality.

The PQA300 is both a generator and analyzer of reference test material for testing compressed video systems. Standard inputs and outputs are 270 Mb/s serial component (Rec. 601). Option 01 provides analog composite NTSC/PAL inputs and outputs.

Compressed Video Requires a New Method of Testing
The best measure of any analog or digital television system is the viewer's satisfaction with the image received. Traditionally, the quality of analog and full-bandwidth digital video systems has been measured indirectly by measuri

Tektronix PQA300

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