Tektronix PS2521G

6/20 V, 5/2.5 A, Triple Programmable Power Supply
The Tektronix PS 2521G is one of our refurbished 6/20 V, 5/2.5 A Programmable Triple DC Power Supplies.

Tektronix PS2521G Features:

Triple Output
One 0 to 6 V, 0 to 5 A
Two 0 to 20 V, 0 to 2.5 A
Digital LED Output Indicator
SCPI Compatible
The Tektronix PS2521G, Triple Power Supply, has a single supply providing a maximum of 6 V and 5.0 A and two supplies providing a maximum of 20 V and 2.5 A.

The Tektronix PS2521G, Triple Power Supply, can be operated in one of three modes: independent, series or parallel.

In the independent mode, the output voltage and current of each supply are controlled independently. In the two tracking modes, the variable outputs are connected either in series or in parallel; the controls of the master power supply adjust the voltage or current in the power supply.

The Tektronix PS2521G, Triple Power Supply, is GPIB programmable. The GPIB command sets are SCPI compa

Tektronix PS2521G

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