Tektronix RFM151

Signal Scout Cable VRF Analyzer
The Tektronix RFM151 is a used Signal Scout Cable VRF Analyzer.

The Tektronix RFM151, Signal Scout Cable VRF Analyzer, is designed to meet the demanding requirements of cable television technicians performing troubleshooting and maintenance operations anywhere in the network.

The Tektronix RFM151, Signal Scout Cable TV RF Analyzer, provides all of the basic signal level measurement capabilities, plus spectrum analysis, ingress and digital channel RF measurement capabilities not available in comparable products
Digital Channel Level and Noise Testing
Ingress Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Cable System Leak Tracking
Analog Channel Performance Verification and Troubleshooting
Digital Channel RF Measurement Suite Includes Average Power Level Plus Noise/Distortion Measurement
Exclusive Ingress Monitor Mode Records Ingress Violations of up to 32 User-defined Frequency and Level Windows
Enhanced Spectrum Mode Increases Ability to Captur

Tektronix RFM151

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