Tektronix RTD710A

Waveform Digitizer
The Tektronix RTD710A is a used Waveform Digitizer.

The Tektronix RTD710A provides 10-bit vertical resolution at sample rates up to 200 MS/s. With four times the resolution of an 8-bit digitizer and 60 dB of dynamic range, the unit provides excellent resolution of fine signal details. The Tektronix RTD710A provides real-time digitizing up to 200 MS/s in the single-channel mode and to 100 MS/s in dual-channel mode.

100MHz Analog Bandwidth

256 K Word Waveform Memory

Hardware Signal Averaging

Internal/External A/D Clocking

Cursor Measurements of Time, Voltage and Frequency

Tektronix RTD710A

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