Tektronix SD42

Optical-To-Electrical Converter
The Tektronix SD42 is one of our refurbished Optical-to-Electrical Converters.

Tektronix SD42 Features:

High Speed Optical Communication Testing (SONET/SDH)
Optical Source and Device Characterization
Pulse Shape Analysis
Analyze Relaxation Oscillation
Ultra High Bandwidth for Analyzing High Frequency Signal Components
DC to 6 GHz (SA42, SD42)
DC to 8 GHz (SD43)
DC to 15 GHz (SD44)
DC to 30 GHz (SD48)
Plug-in Form Factor That Is Compatible with 11800/CSA803 Series Sampling Oscilloscopes
10 Gb/s SONET/SDH Reference Receiver (SD48, Opt. RR) for Communication Signal Compliance Testing
Optional External Power Supply (016-1609-00) for Stand Alone Operation

Tektronix SD42

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