Tektronix SDA601

Serial Digital Analyzer
The Tektronix SDA601 is a Serial Digital Analyzer.

Tektronix SDA601 Features:

Video Format Analysis. The SDA601 will detect and report digital signal parameters, including line/field rate, clock rate, and active picture resolution (eight or ten bits).

Data Format Analysis. The SDA601 will detect and report several types of input data errors, including line/field length (includes EAV/SAV placement errors), illegal vertical interval switch, EAV/SAV format (sequencing, checksum, etc.), illegal data values, ANC packet format, unpacked ANC data, and missing data bits (bits remaining high or low).

Transport Layer Analysis. The SDA601 will detect and report on several transport layer error types, including full-field (FF) and active-picture (AP) EDH (SMPTE RP165) errors, EDH flags (prior error detected), FF and AP CRC changes, and incoming signal strength.

Video Content Analysis. The SD601 verifies that the amplitudes of the Y, B-Y, and R-Y

Tektronix SDA601

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