Tektronix TFS3031

Mini Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
The Tektronix TFS3031 is one of our refurbished Mini Optical Time Domain Reflectometers.

Tektronix TFS3031 Features:

One-button Fully Automatic IntelliTrace Fiber Analysis
Singlemode Distance and Loss Measurements Traceable to NIST
Large, Backlit, High-resolution Display
Keyboard Port and Optional Mini-keyboard
RS-232 and Parallel Ports for Printing and PC Access
Shock, Water and Dust Resistant
Auto Echo Detection
Selectable Splice Loss and Reflectance Thresholds
Files are Compatible with FiberMaster™ OTDR, TARGET1™, PC Spreadsheets
Context Sensitive Help

Installation and Acceptance Testing of
Fiber Optic Networks
Fiber Optic System Maintenance Testing
Locating Optical Cable Faults During Restoration
Optical System Documentation

Tektronix TFS3031

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