Tektronix TLA7S08

Tektronix TLA7S08 TLA7000 Logic Analyzer 8CH Serial Analyzer Module 5Gb/s 32M depth per channel 

For the first time, parallel and serial acquisition modules can be utilized in both the TLA7012 portable mainframe and the TLA7016 benchtop mainframe offering the highest degree of flexibility. Additionally, the TLA7Sxx Series serial analyzer modules have unsurpassed ability to capture and trigger on PHY layer events, whether problems exists during link training or while the link is going into or out of power management states. Complete support for L0s and L1 power management is critical as power saving techniques become more prevalent in system designs. The TLA7Sxx Series serial analyzer acquisition capability is complemented by analysis tools which provide protocol decode and error reporting capabilities.

Tektronix TLA7S08

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